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What to Bring and Wear When Attending a Golf Tournament

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If you have tickets to attend a gold tournament, such as The Masters or The PGA Tour, it is important that you know how to properly dress for the tournament. There are specific rules of etiquette that are followed at golf tournaments. The following are some tips for clothing and accessories. Acceptable Attire The accepted attire for men and women at golf tour tournaments differs, although overall the attire is more summer-formal. For women, modest sundresses are very common paired with cardigans and sturdy sandals, flats, or tennis shoes. Shorts, capris, or a skort paired with a short-sleeved or sleeveless blouse are also acceptable. Due to the sunlight, many women also wear some type of wide-brimmed hats or visor. Clothing such as jeans, short-shorts, sleeveless shirts, graphic tees, and other more causal summer clothing are not acceptable. For men, more formal summer attire is expected as well. Men should wear khakis or nice shorts, paired with a golf shirt or a button down shirt. Loafers or tennis shoes are acceptable for footwear, and a cap is acceptable to keep the sun out of your face. Things such as gym shorts, cut offs, t-shirts, jeans, and flip-flops are not acceptable. A solid colored wind breaker is common for both men and women as golf courses can get really windy. Golfing attire for those attending a tournament also tends to lean more towards neutral and solid colors that are not that flashy. What To Bring When you attend a golf tournament, there are certain extra items you are going to want to bring with you. You should pack a bag that contains sunscreen and bug spray. You are also going to want to bring a rain poncho or umbrella depending on the forecast. It is okay to bring along a camera and a small folding chair. You may also want to bring along some sunglasses and cash for food and parking. There is generally no tailgating associated with attending a golf tournament, so you’ll want to leave your cooler and alcohol at home. Unlike other sporting events, signs are generally not acceptable at many golfing tournaments. Be sure to check with the specific course where the tournament will be held to see if they have any specific rules regarding attire and what you can bring with you to the tournament. Knowing what to wear and what to bring will help you pack and prepare for your golf...

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3 Things You Should Never Do When Preparing To Go Skydiving

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Going skydiving can be the adventure of a lifetime. It’s often portrayed in television and movies as a hobby that only truly daring people take on, and it’s used as a plot device when one person wants to prove their courage. For example, in an episode of Full House where two of the main characters get married, the groom decides he needs one last act of freedom and goes skydiving on his wedding day prior to heading to the chapel. You don’t have to wait until you are backed into a corner to show your courage. Skydiving can be an enjoyable experience for anyone. Here are the three mistakes you must be careful to avoid when preparing for your first skydiving adventure. Mistake #1: Relying on Others to Go on the Skydiving Journey Skydiving can be a solo experience, but people often decide that they want to share it with others in their life. That can be a mistake because you cannot control what other people are going to do, and they may decide that it is not right for them. They may get cold feet at the last minute. If you are relying on the company of others to enjoy the skydiving journey, you are not going to be able to get the most out of the experience. Instead, focus on your own skydiving journey, and simply welcome others along for the ride without depending on them to make the plunge. Mistake #2: Building Up the Skydiving Experience as a Dangerous Daredevil Act Some people really revere skydiving as something that only extremely brave people do. However, the truth is that skydiving is a relatively safe activity. If you mistakenly build it up in your mind as a forbidden thing of great danger, you may psyche yourself out and ultimately want to back out of the skydiving adventure. Instead, look at it for what it is and ask the skydiving company any questions that you have prior to getting on the plane. Mistake #3: Dismissing Skydiving as Something That Doesn’t Require Preparation While you don’t want to focus too much time on the anticipation of skydiving, you must do some basic preparation for the adventure. After all, you are putting yourself in the position of jumping out of an airplane. Prepare with your instructor for exactly what you should do, and they will let you know what you can reasonably expect. Finally, keep in mind that going skydiving is something fun that ordinary people enjoy every day. You don’t have to be a death-defying daredevil to truly enjoy the high of a skydiving drop. Simply try skydiving once while avoiding these mistakes, and you may find that you soon want to go skydiving as a regular part of your...

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3 Different Kinds of Anchors

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When you buy a boat, you want to make sure that you don’t lose that boat if you store it on the water for a period of time. That’s why you need to make sure that you have a good anchor for your boat. There are different kinds of anchors made for different situations. You may want to make sure that you have more than one so that you can make sure your boat is secure in all situations.  Fisherman Style Anchor A fisherman style anchor looks like what you probably picture when you think of an anchor. It has small curved flukes which hold on to the bottom surface. However, they aren’t great on a muddy or sandy bottom and are likely to drag. They work better on rocky or weedy bottoms. If you are using your boat to go out fishing, the dragging might not be an issue for you, since you are tending to go where the fish are and if it drags, you can just pull up your anchor and reset it or move.  Mushroom Style Anchor Mushroom style anchors look like large, upside-down mushrooms. They are generally used in permanent moorings. That’s because as the mushroom bowl part of the anchor starts to fill up with silt, dirt, or other debris, it weighs the anchor down, giving it more stability and more holding power. You can be pretty sure that you aren’t going to go anywhere with one of these anchors. Even if the weather gets bad, if the bowl has filled up with sand, the anchor is not likely to budge.  Grapnel Hook Style Anchor A grapnel hook style anchor has three or four flukes coming off of one central stem that is attached to the line leading to your boat. You put the anchor down and one or more of the curved hook flukes hook into the bottom’s surface. These anchors work well in places where the bottom is made out of coral, is rocky, or is weedy. A muddy or sandy surface doesn’t give the fluke enough grip for it to grip into and your boat will move.  Getting the right anchor for the right surface and the right need will make sure that you are going to keep your boat where you want it to be, whether you are on it or not. You may need to have a couple of anchors so that you can switch as needed. For more information, talk to a professional like those at Stick It Anchor...

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The Big 12 Football Title Contender: Could West Virginia Make It to the Playoffs

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As of Week 9, the West Virginia Mountaineers are sitting at number 10 in the AP college football power rankings, and they are still looking to make it into the playoffs. If the team could finish the rest of the season without a loss, they will have the hopes that the bowl selection committee will pick them to get into the four team college football playoff. There are some foes along the way, but, if they finish the season without any losses, getting into the playoff could be possible. There are some major tests ahead, including Oklahoma State, Texas, Oklahoma and Baylor. All of these teams are going to bring different challenges to the Mountaineers, starting with Oklahoma State. The run game for Oklahoma State is strong, but, if the Mountaineers’ defense can hold them off, West Virginia may be able put enough points on the board to overcome the Cowboys. Although the Cowboys have two losses, they still present a very real threat for the Mountaineers. The Texas Longhorns, led by Charlie Strong, aren’t living up to their potential this year, but that doesn’t mean that their highly ranked defensive can’t put a stop to the Mountaineers and pull out the upset. This team should be the most favorable of the threats for West Virginia, but, after getting past Texas, they will have to conquer Oklahoma. Oklahoma started out the year ranked fourth, but then dropped out of the rankings after losing to Ohio State and Houston. With only two losses, the Sooners are a very strong threat. They have the experience of the college football playoff last season, and they are trying to climb their way back up through the ranks for another shot at the Big 12 title. The last challenge on the schedule will be Baylor, who is undefeated and sitting 8th in Week 9’s power rankings. The Baylor Bears are fast, explosive, and have a great defense this year. They could possibly be the strongest team on the Mountaineers schedule. If you are wondering if the Mountaineers have what it takes to get into the college playoff so they can get a shot at the national title, they will have to win the Big 12 Conference and hope to go undefeated for the rest of the season. A loss to one of the ranked teams may be overlooked if they can still claim the Big 12 title.  To keep up with your team in the Big 12 conference, check out sports news podcasts like R & H...

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3 Fun Things Your Kids Can Do At The Golf Course

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It is so important that you spend time doing things with your kids as often as you can. These activities should be fun for both you and your children, so that they allow you both to have a great time while building your relationship. A really fun activity that you can do with your children is to take them to the golf course. This article will discuss 3 fun things that your kids can do at the golf course.  Play A Shortened Game Of Golf Many kids love the idea of playing a game of golf, but they don’t have the mental endurance to finish an entire 9 hole game. A great way to avoid losing your child’s attention and/or interest during a game of golf is to shorten your golf game. Depending on the age of your child or children, you can do anything from a 3- to a 6-hole game. This will help them enjoy the fun of golf and learn how to play, without feeling like it is too long and too hard for them. Also, try to stick to the holes on the course that are a bit easier, if you can, to help them get the hang of the game. Take Them To The Driving Range If your children don’t have the attention span or the skill level to play a game of golf just yet, then you can rent them some clubs that are just their size and some golf balls and take them to the driving range. You can show them how to use each of the clubs, and then have them practice hitting as many balls as they would like. This type of free practice and playing time is great for kids because they get to learn at a pace that is right for them and in an environment where they don’t have to worry about getting in anyone’s way or slowing anyone’s golf game.  Take Golf Lessons Many golf courses offer golf lessons throughout the year for children who are interested in learning how to golf. Signing your kids up for these lessons and taking them and watching them can be a fun activity for all of you. You will feel pride when you see how hard your child is working to learn to golf from their instructors, and you will also be given ideas of what golfing skills you can practice with your child in between their lessons. Once your child has improved their skills, you can then take them golfing with you more and will have an activity that you both will enjoy doing together.  For more information, contact local professionals like Cedar Creek Golf...

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Winter Camping And Ski Clothing 101

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Camping is generally thought of as a warm weather recreational activity, but, for the adventurous and daring outdoor enthusiast, winter camping can provide a whole new  invigorating experience. Here is what you need to know to make sure you are safely and adequately dressed for your winter camping and skiing trip. Use A Multi-Layer Clothing System This is typically a system of five distinctive layers that each serve a purpose in keeping you warm and protected from the elements. Base Layer This is the layer that is directly against your skin. This also means it will absorb the majority of your perspiration. While cotton can wick away this moisture, it won’t adequately disperse it throughout the garment like newer synthetic materials or traditional wool will. Lightweight and non-bulky merino wool is the best option for winter sports. Choose one with a zippered neck for easier venting rather than having to take off a layer if you get too warm. Remember to get the matching pants as well. Mid-Layer The next layer is the mid-layer. This layer serves as an air trap, trapping the war air of your body heat. A medium weight wool that is fluffy or a fleece is best for this layer. Wind Jacket The lightweight windbreaker layer does just that; it cuts the wind chill down. It can also provide some protection from an unexpected rain or sleet storm. Insulation Layer This is similar to the mid-layer but on steroids. Down is a great option if you won’t be in persistently wet weather, otherwise an insulated synthetic is best. Outer Shell The outer shell should ideally be waterproof, which is commonly referred to as a hard shell. If you aren’t worried about rain on your winter camping trip, choose a wool flannel. This material is fire-resistant, which will make it ideal for sitting around the fire or camp cooking duties. This layer also includes waterproof, unlined ski pants. Insulated ones can be chosen if you will be in an extremely cold environment.  Pick The Right Boots Whether you will be skiing or snowshoeing into your campsite, boots with removable liners are essential. The liners can be removed each night and dried by the fir if need be. Rather than return them immediately to your boots, place then inside your sleeping bag with you to ensure they are toasty warm come morning. Bring Extra Hats And Mittens Even if you don’t inadvertently lose your own, chances are someone in your party likely will. If you have room in your gear, you may want to bring an extra base layer set as well. As always, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you’re in peak physical condition and already familiar with the rigors of camping, snowshoeing and skiing, you can certainly plan your own trip, but novices should strongly consider going through an experienced outfitter like Bootdoctors. Look for one that also provides ski rental equipment and other supplies so that if you decide winter camping in the rugged wilderness isn’t for you, you will not have spent too much money on...

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Going to the Ocean? Two Activities You Can Do and Benefit from

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If you are going to the ocean, there are many activities you can do. You can have fun by simply swimming and relaxing in the sun. Below are two other things you can do while you are visiting the ocean and how each one of them can benefit you. Off-Shore Fishing You can likely find somewhere on the beach that will allow you to rent an off-shore boat so you can enjoy a day of fishing. An off-shore boat is a substantial boat that includes a cabin for sleeping, cleaning, cooking and that can handle heavy seas. If you have never used a boat like this, you can hire someone to take you out for a day of fishing on their boat. One great benefit of off-shore fishing is you have the ability to catch a wide range of fish that you would not find in a lake, such as the barracuda, bluefish, bonefish, filefish, and flying fish. What you can catch depends on what ocean you are visiting. Off-shore fishing can also provide you with health benefits. Carrying your gear onto your boat can be a workout on its own, but fishing gives your arms and legs a good workout as well. Ocean air is some of the healthiest fresh air in the world, and if you decide to go swimming, the salt in ocean water can help heal cuts and sores, take care of your acne, and even clear your nasal passages. If you enjoy off-shore fishing and are moving close to an ocean, you can buy your own off-shore fishing boat. Snorkeling To get up close and personal with the fish, consider going snorkeling while you are visiting the ocean. You can hire a snorkel tour company to take you out to ensure you are safe while you do this. If you choose to go snorkeling on your own, you will have to rent some snorkeling equipment. When doing so, make sure the fins and mask fit you properly. Once you have the equipment you need, you should start practicing snorkeling in shallower water. This will also help to ensure your equipment fits you properly. Your first time, do not start out on a boat but instead walk slowly into deeper water from the beach until you get some practice in. Ask the locals the best part of ocean to snorkel in. For example, you want to see a lot of colorful reefs, as well as fish. Make sure the ocean is calm on the day you go snorkeling. Once you have some practice in, you should consider snorkeling from a boat further out into the ocean. Snorkeling is not only fun but also offers many health benefits. It can help you breathe better and become a better swimmer. If you have any type of joint disease or other motion-restrictive disability, water can help ease your stiffness and joint pain, and this can improve your endurance and flexibility. These are just two fun things you can do at the ocean. Take time to do your research before you go to learn from...

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3 Things To Look For When Choosing A Handgun For Home Defense

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If you are thinking about purchasing a handgun for personal and home defense, you might be worried about choosing the right model. Talking to someone who is knowledgeable about firearms, such as someone apt in professional gunsmithing, can be a great way to do so. It’s also a good idea to look at these three things when choosing your firearm to help ensure that you make the right decision. 1. Size First of all, you’ll want to take a look at the size of the handgun. You’ll want to make sure that it fits comfortably in your hand, so if you have small hands, you may want a smaller gun. For example, there are small options that are designed for concealed carry and that are great for home protection, too. You’ll also want to consider the type of safe that you will be using so that you can choose a gun that you can easily put away in the safe. 2. Safety If you are going to be keeping a gun in your home, you probably want to take extra steps to ensure that your children and others in the household cannot easily access and use it. You probably also want to make sure that you cannot accidentally discharge the firearm, particularly if you are a beginner. Look for a handgun that has safety features that you feel comfortable and confident with. Although you will still want to keep your handgun in a safe, looking for a gun that has ample safety features is another step toward keeping yourself and others in your household safe. 3. Ease of Loading It is commonly recommended that ammunition be stored separately from your firearm. This is critical for safety, but it can make it a bit more difficult to load your firearm in the event of an emergency. This might not be a big deal for a gun that is used for hunting or sport, but if you will need to be able to access and potentially use your handgun quickly, it is important to choose a handgun that you can easily load. Then, once you retrieve your ammunition from its separate storage place, it will be easy for you to prepare yourself for anything. As you can see, there are certain things that you will want to look for when choosing a handgun for home defense. Luckily, looking at these things — and possibly working with a gunsmith or other professional to get recommendations — can help you choose the firearm that is right for...

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Questions To Ask Your Fly Fishing Guide Before Your Trip

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When you’re serious about landing the big one during a fly fishing trip, it’s advantageous to hire a guide who knows the local areas thoroughly. The presence of this expert can greatly reduce the frustration of fishing for hours on end in an area that yields little in the way of results and help to create lasting memories of the excursion. As you browse the selection of available fishing guides for the area you’ll be visiting in advance, it’s useful to call a couple and ask some questions. The discussion you have can help make sure you’re as prepared as possible for the trip ahead. Here are some useful questions to pose. Do Your Fishing Spots Suit My Ability? Fly fishing can be more challenging than boat fishing because you’re actually standing in the water, so explaining your ability level to the guide and then asking him or her to describe the fishing spots can make sure you know what you’re in for. Veteran fly fishers can safely navigate fast-moving water or exceptionally uneven terrain, but this might be more than you want to handle if you’re relatively new to this hobby. What Have Previous Clients Caught? At the end of the day, you want to get production from your fly fishing trip, so make sure to ask about the success that each guide’s past clients have had. This should be an enthusiastic part of your discussion — the guide will likely tell you stories about impressive fish that have been caught, assure you that he or she will take you to fish in the same areas and even talk in depth about specific topics such as the tactics and the dry or wet fishing flies that were used to land the big one. Knowing all this information in advance will make you sure to pack the right gear and might even encourage you to brush up on certain fly fishing techniques in advance of the trip. How Close Are Your Recommended Fishing Spots? Most fly fishing guides will have a variety of fishing spots up their sleeves; if one isn’t panning out, they’ll be quick to take their clients to another location to hope for better fortunes. Given that you’ll likely be traveling between spots throughout your excursion, it’s a good idea to know how much traveling will be required. Some people enjoy boating between fishing spots, while others would rather concentrate on a variety of spots that are all closely located. It’s important to ask this question to be on the same page as your guide before you book the trip. For more information, talk to a professional like Latitudes Outfitting...

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Transform The Unused Barn On Your Property Into A Cheerleading Training Center For Your Son Or Daughter

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If you have an old barn on your property, and your son or daughter is heavily involved in cheerleading, then you might want to transform the space into a training center. When cheerleading becomes a serious interest for your child, such that they consider competing on a state or national level, and are interested in cheering for a recognized collegiate program when they are through high school, then they will need to put in serious hours practicing. A safe space to practice their stunts and form is vital. The main issue you need to address with your old barn is the flooring. Once the barn has been emptied of old tools, and swept up, then you need to install appropriate cheerleading flooring. Here is everything you need. Puzzle Mats They are dense and interlocking. They can be stacked up and stored away when not in use. They are not protection from serious falls. Most areas that have a dedicated space for cheerleading use carpet bonded roll out mats. However, if you are in an area where there is a serious moisture problem, then you might want to consider puzzle mats. Also, if the roof of your barn has holes and rain gets through, and you don’t have space to store a carpet when it’s rolled up, then mats would work. Because they don’t have the carpet component, the mats are less likely to get mold. Also, they stack up so they will fit in a smaller space then the large carpet. However, if you don’t have a serious issue with rain or dampness, you should choose a carpet. Cheerleading events will use carpet bonded foam, so it’s better for your child and their teammates (should they join in) to practice on the same material that they will encounter at events. Carpet Bonded Foam Mats They are made of several layers of foam that are joined by heat and glue. This creates a secure bond. They are then covered by a thin layer of carpet. The reason that they are superior to simply laying multiple pieces of foam or carpet atop one another is because the carpet bonded foam mats won’t move, scrunch, or buckle because they are one fused unit. On the other hand, multiple individual carpets laid atop one another will buckle, ripple, and create an uneven and dangerous surface texture. These bonded carpets, like those from DBA Air Floor USA, should only be used as the “main floor”. They are not suited for taking impact from high falls. That is left to impact pads or crash pads. Crash Pads These are thick, soft pads that are used when practicing aerial stunts. They protect the cheerleader from injury if they fall from a high position. They are not solid enough to practice most floor routines on, so you would never use them alone as floor covering. They are used only when practicing stunts such as Liberty, Shoulder Stand, and Elevator. It’s essential to have crash pads on hand if any sort of aerial stunt is to be practiced. A regular carpet bonded form of flooring mat is simply not sufficient. The carpet flooring is fine for dance routines, signal work, herkie splits, punch-ups and the like. However, any time the girl is lifted up and in the air, you...

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